What Is The Calyx Project?

The goal of the Calyx Project is to establish an organization that can serve as both an accelerator and a safety net for college and university women seeking careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. In flowering plants, the calyx extends out from the stem, protecting the bud until the flower is ready to open. In the same manner, The Calyx Project looks to extend the resources of women already in STEM careers to support those just getting ready to bloom—notably college and university women who may be encountering academic and corporate STEM culture for the first time. Part mentoring program, part professional network: the vision is to provide young women a safe arena for seeking feedback, validation, and senior wisdom—so that they can experience a feeling of empowerment that matches their capabilities.

Why Is This Important?

Anyone working in a STEM-related field today can tell you: the challenges are so great, and the opportunities are so rich, that we can’t afford to let a single interested and qualified person fall off the radar. We certainly can’t afford to allow up to 50% of the population to miss their potential. In addition to mobilizing all available talent, the mentoring and wisdom that young women receive from the network will prepare them for future encounters with leaders, and for eventually taking the reins themselves. 

Isn't This Being Done Already?

The short answer is, “No.” You have probably heard about the shortage of women in technical fields. And there are good local, regional, and national programs aimed at encouraging grade-school and high-school girls to get and stay interested in STEM. But little is being done systematically to support women facing the major hurdles of deciding to stay in a STEM major, to continue on to graduate school, or to apply for competitive internships or fellowships.

How Can I Help?

Right now, we’re seeking interested people who share a concern about women on the cusp of STEM careers, to help bring The Calyx Project to life. The vision and initiative for The Calyx Project comes from Elizabeth Albee, an information and data strategist with a passion for helping companies harness information to power innovation. Possible avenues of participation might include serving on an Advisory Board, helping make connections with college and university communities, or offering up your story to illustrate the importance of The Calyx Project. If you believe you would benefit from The Calyx Project, or if you are interested in being a part of the professional support network, please also let us know!

Connect With Us

If you are interested in The Calyx Project, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below, and someone will follow up with you.